Crappie Reels

The producing number of crappie reels continues to increase because their nice cores and marvelous winding mechanisms could meet people’s needs.

Except that, the reels can also be used to wrap the lines for landing large fishes such as swordfishes in deep water. Besides, they are diverse in brand and spool. At the same time, they have won a lot of splendid reviews as they do well in helping you to boost your fishing techniques in the course of fishing game fishes like salmons. What’s more, these reels come from renowned brands, like Novelty Lights and Suncast. Most importantly, they can resist the corrasion from saltwater environments like oceans and do not need much maintenance.

Hurry up, or you will miss this great chance. Believe us, these reels are quite suitable for using in the ocean or while you expect to catch large fishes.

Crappie Reels Reviews

Oceaner Products USA Inc King Hawk Crappie Bulk Cast Oceaner Products USA Inc
  • The color is black
  • The size is 6 pounds
  • Fantastic fishing action

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B’n’M FR2 West Point Crappie Reel 1:1 B’n’M
  • ABS construction
  • Anti-reverse lever
  • Large arbor to keep mono line from kinking

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Lew’s MCS75 Mr Lews
  • Lew’s MCS75 Mr. Crappie Slab Staker

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Lew’s SS1 Mr Lews
  • Strong, plated metal frame
  • Dual grip handle

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Lew’s WMR5 Wally Marshall Crappie Lews
  • Lew’s WMR5 Wally Marshall Crappie

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